The steam condensate (Hydrolat/Hydrosol) produced during the distillation of Anthemis nobilis for its essential oil. 


Produced during the distillation of the fresh herb it is selected during the critical period of distillation to ensure a hydrolat of superior quality is produced.


They are ideal for gentle cleansing and toning and for blending with creams and lotions.

Use as a linen spray when ironing or to fragrance bed linen.


A soothing and relaxing Water, Chamomile is ideal as a facial or hair toner and for soothing irritated skin.


Chamomile floral water is so mild it is ideal for use on babies. It can be added to bath water or used as a calming bedding / pillow spray. 


Also good for homemade wipes for babies and young children as it is gentle on the hands, face and sore bottoms. 

It is used widely in skincare and is said to be a good all-in-one make up remover, skin cleanser and toner.


It can be used on all skin types, however, if you have dry skin it is best to mix it with Lavender floral water for long term use. 

This floral water can also be used as a wonderful calmer for pets in stressful situations. Simply spray the water around them to calm them.


Contains no additives or preservatives.


Directions for use: Shake well before each use.


Discontinue use if any reaction/ allergy is evident.


For external use only.


Chamomile Floral Water (Hydrolat) 100ml