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About Julie

Hi my name is Julie Kelly and I am so happy that you have found me….

I am based in the UK and live in the beautiful county of Yorkshire, all rolling hills and balmy temperatures ha ha only kidding, there are lots of hills but it’s usually blowing a gale with horizontal rain and that’s just in the summer!!  You can usually experience all the seasons in one day in good old Yorkshire!

I am a 60’s child, so you can guess my age!  Yep 50 something!! 

I enjoy horse riding, motorbikes but I’m probably happiest when I’m diving and blowing bubbles underwater!

So, I hear you ask what brought you to essential oils?  Well about 7 years ago I was made redundant and decided to change my work perspective completely.   I visited a Health and Wellness show in the UK and came across someone selling Essential Oils or should I say they were trying to recruit me into MLM, I did join but very quickly realised that I was paying way too much for my oils in some cased 4 or 5 times more than I could purchase the same quality for, elsewhere. 

So I set out on a mission to learn all that I could about essential oils, I realised that there are many different brands available and that most people have a very strong loyalty or preference for one brand over another.  I also wanted to create a resource for people who are just starting out in their Essential Oil journey, people who want to learn more about how to get started with essential oils…


And that my friends is how Aromatyc Essential Oils & More was born!

What I’m all About

At the end of the day, I want to encourage you to use essential oils in your daily life.  I find them really beneficial and don’t even think about reaching for a mainstream solution for an ailment anymore I reach for an oil, in fact my family are fed up with me saying “I’ve got an oil for that” every time they tell me they’ve got a problem!  My first aid kit is my essential oil box, and I have a lot of oils!  My mission was to find out how to use my oils safely and efficiently and this is how my website was born.

I would like you to join me on a quest to discover essential oils for yourself, there really is nothing better than using something completely natural to solve a problem.

Join me on a journey of discovery, one that I am sure will smell amazing…..

To your well-being….

Julie xoxo

Why Organic Essential Oils?


All our 100% Essential Oils are therapeutic cosmetic grade oils, we guarantee our essential oils are 100% pure as stated on the labels, we also have the true botanical name on all our bottles of essential oils, batch number & date stamped.

This means we have a whole different standard for essential oil purity and potency.  This standard requires precise care and effort to protect what nature has created, which correlates directly with the health-enhancing benefits you expect from essential oils.

The oils are sourced from their own natural habitat and they are not contaminated with any fillers or artificial ingredients.

We do not test on animals and all our products listed do not contain any animal derived

products which is ideal for vegan use.